Letter Box Hunting Adventure

The RES English Language Arts Committee plan to add new letterboxes throughout the year.  We hope this will be a fun filled activity for you and your family to hunt for the boxes and post your experience for others to join.  Click on the button below for your letterbox adventure to begin.

Have you heard of, or participated in, geocaching or letterboxing ?  These are nationwide treasure hunting games where people create and search out hidden boxes. Once the box is found you sign a log showing your participation in this community of outdoor adventures and fun seeking activities.  The Rymfire ELA committee has created a few letterboxes for our students and their families to search out! This activity is not a school based activity that is hosted on campus or at a specific time, those wishing to participate should do so on a day and time that is convenient for their family; however, it is highly recommended that you search for the letterboxes during the daytime hours and with the permission and supervision of a responsible adult.  All of our letterboxes are hidden in public locations that are within close proximity of the school and it is our hope that any and all students, teachers, and faculty who wish to participate will have the opportunity and find this activity enjoyable for you and your family. When you find each letterbox there are directions to sign the log. We would love for you to share a photo or message about your adventure and who you enjoyed it with! You can tweet to us about it by tagging