Important Info.


Positive Behavior Support: (PBS)

Is a project used in Flagler County schools. It's purpose is to implement strategies that will assist schools in increasing academic performance and safety while decreasing problem behavior as well as establishing a positive school culture. It is based on a problem solving model and aims to prevent inappropirate behavior through teaching and reinforcing appropriate behaviors.


Student Recognition:

Student recognition programs have been designed to promote academic achievement, social development, create a positive school climate and involve the support of the local community.

  1. Honor Roll: To be eligible for the Honor Roll, a student must earn A's and B's in the core subject areas. In order to be eligible for the Principal's Honor Roll, a student must earn all A's in the core subject areas. If a student qualifies for the Principal's Honor Roll for all four grading periods, he/she will be placed on the Yearly Principal's Honor Roll.
  2. Perfect Attendance: Awards will be given to students who are marked present for each school day for the entire year. If a student has more than three (3) tardies in a marking period, he/she will not be eligible for the perfect attendance award.
  3. Bringing Up Grades (BUGS): This program is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Flagler County. Each quarter, students who have brought their grades up from the last quarter receive a certificate for their progress. In order to receive a BUGS certificate, the student must have raised the equivalent of one letter grade in one area, or in all areas but not have gone down in any areas.
  4. Terrific Kids: Is a collaborative effort between the school and the Kiwanis Club of Flagler County. The purpose of this program is to create a climate that teaches models and promotes the traits outline in Character Education. Awards are given out each quarter.
  5. 6th grade dances: When students have been working hard and have not recieved any referrals for the quarter they are rewarded with the ability to attend a fun dance supervised by teachers and staff.  They are able to purchase pizza, snacks, talk, dance and just be silly.


Requesting Teacher Qualifications:

If you would like to know the qualifications and information about your child's teacher or paraprofessional please see the attached for specifics on what information you can request and how to do that.  


Special Areas:

In addition to the core curriculum subjects, students are provided with a 45 minute Special Area period each day. These special areas are on a rotating basis. Rymfire Elementary offers Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education and Heatlh on the wheel.


Progress Monitoring:

In order to determine student needs and plan for appropriate instruction, various progress monitoring tools are used throughout the school year.  These assessments are used for progress monitoring purposes only and are not part of a student’s grades. 

  • FAIR (Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading)- In grades 3-6 students may be assessed using a computer based FAIR that addresses, comprehension, fluency and word analysis.  These assessments are completed 3x per school year. 
  • Performance Matters- is computer based data collection system wherein students complete district quarterlies and possibly other classroom type assessments.



Homework provides an opportunity for remedial drill, developmental practice, enrichment activities and development of study skills and self-discipline. Homework should never be given to introduce new work, but to reinforce skills that have already been taught in class. Reading is recognized as universal skill that relates to all subjects. Therefore, when there are no specific homework assignments given, students should read. Parents or other adults should make every effort to read to/with students who cannot read on their own.

In addition to the teacher's assignments, students are expected to:

  • Read for pleasure
  • Study math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Children must know their facts with speed and accuracy.
  • If your child consistently has no homework, spends an unusual amount of time on homework assignments or is experiencing difficulty, a conference with his/her teacher should be scheduled.


Make Up Work Due To Absence:

A student will have one day for each day absent, from the day he/she returns to school to complete any work missed due to the absence. Work submitted after the opportunity period will be assigned a grade of zero (0).