Mrs. Cavaliere Mrs. Lairson
Mrs. Bury Ms. Clark
Ms. Sacco Ms. Baenen
Mrs. Galt (intervention)  


As a team, we are dedicated to work together with your family to give your child the most successful start to their school career.  Kindergarten is a time of tremendous growth for your child: vocabulary increases, writing and reading begin to blossom, independent behaviors such as responsibility, respect and safety are built into our day and are expected from every staff, student and visitor on our campus.  It is important to show your child from the first day of school the interest and time you give to his/her education.  By the end of the Kindergarten year, our goal, with your involvement, is to have your child independently reading, writing, adding, subtracting, and using vocabulary and knowledge acquired in science and social studies lessons. 


Let’s make this a great year for your child!