Rymfire Elementary Physical Education Department



  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Follow directions the first time they are given
  • Be kind to others; no negative comments
  • Be prepared for class (proper clothing)
  • Treat school property with respect



Students need to dress appropriately to participate in P.E. class. All students need to wear clothing that allows freedom of movement and full participation. If a student wears a dress or skirt, shorts should be worn underneath. Sneakers or shoes that cover the toes are required. No flip flops, platform shoes, "heelies" or sandals are allowed. Students may not be able to play if they do not have the correct footwear.



If you cannot participate in P.E. you must have a dated note from your parents. After twenty days a note from your doctor is required to excuse you from P.E.



Students need to participate, try their best at activities and get along with others in order to succeed in P.E. Positive attitude and participation is required. Students who cannot behave, participate properly or refuse to wear the correct clothing will receive a negative behavior grade in P.E.



ALL INJURIES need to be reported to the PE teacher IMMEDIATELY. Please do not leave class until you have told your PE teacher about your injury, no matter how minor.


Presidential Physical Fitness:

In 2nd through 6th grades, the Presidential Physical Fitness test will be administered.  It tests students physical abilities in five different events, shuttle run, pull ups or flexed arm hang, sit ups, v-sit and reach, and either the half mile or mile run.  These events will be tested twice during the year so we can get a measure of the students growth as the year goes on.