Policies and Procedures

Throughout the course of the year, Rymfire Elementary School will conduct fire, tornado and lockdown drills. These are conducted so that students will know how to respond and be safe in the event of a real emergency. Please be advised that if we have to have a lockdown, parents will NOT be notified unless it is a real crisis or a problem arises from the lockdown ( ie - evacuations, delayed buses, delayed release of students for an extended amount of time, injuries, etc.)


Adult and Community Education provides services before school from 7:00AM til 9:00AM, and after school from 3:15PM til 6:00PM. For further information contact Adult Ed. at 206.446.7612.


If your child needs to leave school early, a parent, guardian or a designated person over the age of 18 must come into the office and sign him/her out. (This person should be listed on the Student Information Form that is filled out at the beginning of the year.) Identification MUST be shown before the student will be released to anyone. The receptionist will contact your child's teacher and have him/her sent to the office for dismissal. Students should not be released early unless it is an emergency. Student instructional time ends at 3:15PM.


Students arriving at school after 9:00 AM will be considered "tardy" and should report to the front desk for a "late pass" to give their teacher.


Walkers must follow the designated route to and from school during specific times. Parents should not enter the building with walkers in the morning, nor should they enter the building to pick them up in the afternoon. Walkers are dismissed from the building at 3:05PM.


Students can be picked up at Car Riders between 3:15 and 3:45. Students not picked up will be brought to the office after this time. Parents may pick up a car rider number at the front office. You will be asked to display this number when picking up your child. Only by displaying this number will your child be released to go home as a car rider. This is designed to help ensure the safety of your children. To keep the flow of traffic moving we ask that you DO NOT park and get out of your car to pick up your children, and do not vary from the pick-up procedures. The children count on you to set a good example and follow traffic directions and speed limits. Please drive safely on school grounds.

*Parents: If any changes occur as to how your child will be going home, please notify your child's teacher IN WRITING


We welcome parents to our school. We ask that ALL parents and ALL visitors enter the building only through the front office where they can obtain a dated visitor's pass. This pass should be worn on school grounds and returned to the front office. Parents are not permitted to go to their child's class unannounced during school hours, or walk their child to class after the second week of school. If you need to meet with your child's teacher, please prearrange a meeting with him/her. This is important so that we can keep the school secure and reduce disruptions to the instructional program. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us provide a safe learning environment for the students.


If your child will be absent from school, please call the school sick line at 386.206.4622 to leave a message about the absence. Student Success Team (SST) meetings will be set up to address nonattendance when a student has had at leaset five (5) unexcused absences within a calendar month or ten (10) unexcused absences wihthin a 90 day attendance period.