Running Club

Boys & Girls Running Club 



Running Club was established by Coach Rob Cerasi, PE coaches, and guidance counselors with an all girls running team of 4th and 5th grade only.  This wil be the 13th year with the running club and it has evolved into much more with 4th, 5th and 6th grade boys and girls who are eligible to participate.  It will run every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. The running club will start tuesday February 5th all running sessions will start in the big gym blg 7 and pickup will be in the front of the school in the parking lot please pickup your child promptly @ 4:30 P.M.


Running Club Schedule

February 5th and 7th
  12th and 14th
  19th and 21st
  26th and 28th 
March 5th and 7th
  19th and 21st
  26th and 28th
April 2nd and 4th



ROADRUNNER 5k: Saturday, April 6th

8:30 A.M. (Start/Finish at Bus Loop)