Rymfire Elementary

Apple Distinguished School

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At Rymfire Elementary School, students have the opportunity to use different types of tecchnology as learning tools. Rymfire along with our district is becoming a one to one school.  This means we are striving to have either a laptop or an iPad available for ALL students.  At this point in time all student in grades 4-6 will have iPads that with parental permission they will be able to take home each day in order to increase their learning and utilize in home work and home to school activities.  In grades 2-3 every classroom will have a laptop cart to utilize when it will increase student learning and achievement and K-1 will have a laptop cart to share between two classrooms.  Rymfire also houses four full sized iMac computer labs, iPod touch carts and our Kindle Collection. Teachers are continuing to learn and practice blended learning in which they are learning how to increase student interest and learning by providing them with opportunities to work together through online platforms and the creation of their own learning materials.


Rymfire Elementary Computer Labs:

Our computer labs are available for students in grades K-6. Students may use these labs for research, to create Keynote presentations and reports, to work on the Reading Counts program, as well as for progress monitoring and weekly testing. Teachers may also use this lab for full group instruction.  Currently we are working on providing opportunities for students to grow in their keyboarding skills through use of these labs.

Attention Parents and Guardians of Title One Students:

Please visit our Parent Resource Center to check out laptop computers to use for additional help in both reading and math. The Parent Resource Center is open between the hours of 8:30AM - 9:15AM and 3:00PM - 3:45PM. There are also many educational games to be checked out.  The person to contact about this is Mrs. Moore.

Please sign in with Ms. Debbie at the front desk before you come to the Parent Resource Center.