We welcome parents to our school. We ask that ALL parents and ALL visitors enter the building only through the front office where they can obtain a dated visitor’s pass. This pass is to be worn on the upper left shoulder area while on school grounds. Parents are not permitted to go to their child’s class unannounced during school hours, or walk their child to class after the second week of school. If you need to meet with your child’s teacher, please prearrange a meeting with him/her. This is important so that we can keep the school secure and reduce disruptions to the instructional program. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us provide a safe learning environment for the students.

Classroom Visits: Parents must pre arrange with the classroom teacher for visits and should only last 20 minutes. 

Lunch Room Visits: Parents may eat lunch with their child but must eat at the outside eating area. In the event of inclement weather there will be a designated table inside the cafeteria. Parents are not permitted to remain for recess period. 

  • Please have your picture ID ready when you sign a student out of school.
  • If you must sign a student out of school early, please send a note with the student informing the teacher of the time the student needs to be at the front desk for dismissal.
  • The person picking up the student will need to be listed on the student's Emergency Form. They must also show a picture ID before signing out the student.
  • Visitors may not go to the classroom during instructional time. You may contact the teacher via the student's planner, voicemail or email.
  • Please do not bring in home made food to the classroom. If you would like to send in a birthday treat on your child's birthday, please prearrange this with the teacher.