Policies & Procedures

Rymfire Elementary Oasis Media Center is an educational environment where students are exposed to ideas through the use of print and non-print resources in a variety of media formats. The learning program aims to foster the development of life-long learning abilities and a love of reading in all of its students. It provides teachers with instructional materials and professional resources to help with their daily teaching strategies. The media center offers an array of resources that support and enhance the curriculum, and also provides an integrated program for teaching literary appreciation and information technology skills.

Belief Statements:
The RES Oasis Media Center will be the intellectual strength of the school and will be a strong predictor of academic achievement.
The RES Oasis Media Center will foster the development of life-long learning abilities and enjoyment of reading in its students at all grade levels.
The RES Oasis Media Center will help to develop inquisitive and compassionate learners by ensuring access to and the successful use of accurate, current and relevant information.
The entire RES community will be essential to the overall success of the Oasis Media Center.

To provide opportunities for students to develop and expand their literary appreciation, information and technology skills, to provide resources and consulting services to teachers and students while supporting the curriculum.
To provide resources and consulting services to parents and community groups appropriate to the school setting.
To encourage appropriate instructional applications of technologies and provide guidance in their use, to manage effectively and efficiently the Oasis Media Center facility, resources, and programs to benefit the entire school community. 

Number of books checked out:
Pre-K and Kindergarten – One book
First Grade – Two books
Second Grade – Two books
Third- Sixth Grade – Three books

All books are due within two weeks of the checkout date, but may be renewed if needed longer. Books may also be returned early if a student is no longer reading or using them. Return materials on time so they are available for other students and patrons.

Some exceptions for additional book borrowing may be granted for curriculum related research or other special projects as directed by the RES classroom teachers.

Students will be charged replacement cost for lost or damaged books. If a lost book is found and returned to the Oasis Media Center by the end of a calendar school year in good condition, monies will be refunded. If an item is returned after a calendar school year has closed, the item will be considered a donation to RES Oasis Media Center.

Some reference materials will be allowed for checkout to students in grades 4-6 on an overnight basis if needed for curriculum related projects or assignments. Permission must be granted first by the Oasis Media Center staff. These items must be returned at the start of the following school day.

Students who have outstanding charges such as fines, lost, or damaged books will lose their checkout privileges until they have paid the charges or completed a qualified community service.

Students are encouraged to check out books for both Winter and Spring Break, as to encourage reading during the holiday.

Media Center Rules:
These need to be followed by students at all times:

Quiet voices are appreciated so as not to disrupt others using the Oasis Media Center.

Please pick-up after yourself. Books need to be returned to the proper shelf or bin.

Students will not be allowed to check out materials if they have overdue items.

Misuse of library materials or misconduct in the media center will result in loss of media center privileges.

Students are encouraged to keep their library books in a separate book bag whenever they are not being read. If they do this, the books are less likely to be damaged and they will have their books with them when they visit the Oasis Media Center with their class.

Food, candy, and drinks are harmful to books and other media materials. These items need to remain outside the Media Center unless during a staff directed activity.

Use a shelf marker when selecting books to help keep the books on the shelf in good order by the call number.

Respect the needs of other people using the Oasis Media Center.

Remember to walk.

Use of unique furnishings should not be a source of distraction to others (ex: too much bouncing!).

Papers and trash are to be placed in the trash can.