Rymfire Academics

Elementary education promotes rapid development of fine and gross motor skills in children as they do numerous activities and plays. Elementary education refers to the first phase of compulsory education that children obtain during the few years of starting schooling. This education has specific goals that meet the special needs that children have. Elementary education offers children an opportunity to have a group that is stable to interact with. Students and parents-take time to explore the many resources and tools available to you below appropriate by grade level. You may also contact a classroom teacher via email by clicking on the name below. 

Grade Level Teachers:

Kathryn Baenen  Jessica Clark
Denise Notaras  Elizabeth Westly 
Erin Knight                         Shawna Corcoran
Lindsey Stanford

1st Grade:  
Amber Baumert  Sonya Perry
Aubree Brannigan Ashley Fowler
Janis Elenbaum  Ashley Dotson 

2nd Grade:
Allison Kucharski                 Amanda Perretti
Robin Jaques                      Jennifer Cavaliere
Tracy Kuhn Molly MacDonald
Jessica Orr

3rd Grade:
Charlotte Bradley Judith White
Steven Cairns Rebecca Stauffer
Craig Cavaliere Rudra Desai
Martine Jacques

4th Grade:
Jessica Gonzalez Denise Tyler
Michael Minnich Nina Youngman
Tiffany McKinney Shannon Long

5th Grade: 
Amanda Zimerle-Harding     
Colleen Welsh
Jennifer Lujan Erin Smith
Shane Manley                    Katherine Sturman
Amber Acosta                    Laura Kidd

6th Grade:
Anthony Asay Stacey Main
Caryn Taylor Julie Ogg-Zitka
Sherita Adams Lisa Hubach
Kelly Fox

Academic Support & Multi-Grade Level Teachers:

Ashley Puccio Claudette Jacques
Christine Galt
Lacey Hawk
Amanda Manley Timothy Ruddy
John Williams III
Anna Lisowski
William Bianco                     
Samantha Adams
Elizabeth Benoit
Tyler Coleman Dana Miller

Speech & Language Therapists                 
Nancy Moses-Bennett          Allison Aycart
Amy Lima

iFlagler Teachers located at Rymfire:
Buffie Hill
Colleen Fogarty